Rico Trailers South Africa – Policy

- Rico Trailers SA has a very strict by appointment only visitation policy

- Parts and Spares will only be sold to clients who have purchased their product from Rico Trailers SA

- No trade of second hand products will be done on Rico Trailers SA properties

- All parts that are used and sold are SABS approved and originals from trustworthy factories

- All services/repairs of Rico products will be conducted in only Rico Trailers’ factory

- Orders will only be confirmed once funds have reflected/cleared into our accounts

- All new orders will be confirmed by order form signed and delivered

- No order may be cancelled at any time by buyer, once order is placed it is to be completed

- No refunds of any kind will be made on the purchase of any products from Rico Trailers SA

- All orders that are completed and not settled within 14 days will be sold to recover costs

- All orders paid for and not collected within 30 days will be charged storage at R50.00 per square meter per day

- No job seekers/marketeers/hawkers will be allowed on Rico Trailers SA property

Rico Trailers SA – Warranty

- All products manufactured by Rico Trailers SA carry a 2 year workmanship warranty

- All working parts on products cannot and will not be under warranty

- Any form of over working and or negligence will not be under warranty

-If a product is to be repaired, the onus falls on the client to have it delivered to Rico Trailers for repairs, Rico Trailers does not have a mobile workshop for of site repairs.

- Only products that have been fully serviced by Rico Trailers SA will fall under the warranty